Child & Family Therapy

Child Counselling:

At Blue Oaks Counselling and Wellness, we help children from Kindergarten to High school age, with emotional issues, significant events or experiences,  and concerning behaviours. Child counselling can involve a number of techniques to help a child express their feelings and experiences, using colouring, games, storytelling, toys and other activities best suited to the developmental level of the child.

Child & Family Therapy
Common reasons to seek child therapy services:
  • Your child is feeling depressed and/or anxious
  • Your child is having difficulty regulating emotions
  • Your child is displaying extreme, challenging behaviours
  • Your child is having serious academic challenges
Child counselling can help children:
  • Process their feelings and express their emotional issues
  • Learn how to talk about their feelings rather than act out their feelings in negative ways (even little ones can learn this in simple ways)
  • Improve self regulation and emotion management skills
  • Process challenging or traumatic life experiences they might have had, such as bullying or parental conflict, among others
  • Receive help with anxiety or depression
  • Learn important relationship and life skills
  • Learn adaptive coping skills
  • Help the child grow in confidence and positive self esteem
Parent Coaching:

In addition to child therapy, we also help support the parents and caregivers involved in the child’s life. As parents, you spend a lot more time with your child than the therapist does. So it is important that you receive support in your parenting role – truly a very challenging role. Together we can develop individually tailored parenting techniques that will continue to help your child outside the counselling room.


Child & Family Therapy
Family Counselling:

If you are struggling with challenging behaviours in your kids or difficult relationship dynamics in your family, we can help. We provide guidance, advice, practical strategies and tools based on years of research to help create a healthier and more rewarding family environment.

We can help families:
  • Resolve problem behaviours
  • Find ways to deal with conflict productively
  • Increase your child’s ability to control their behaviour and learn adaptive coping skills
  • Prevent potential future conflicts
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for all family members
  • Improve your relationship with your children, so it can become more peaceful, fun and connected