Challenging Life Events

Sometimes life hands us incredibly challenging circumstances or events to deal with. When these things happen, it can feel like there are few options, and powerful negative emotions and thoughts can rise and fall, like an internal roller-coaster.  You may also feel very alone or unsupported, wondering what to do next.  At Blue Oaks Counselling & Wellness, our psychotherapists can support you through all kinds of life-changes with compassion, solidarity, and tools to feel like there is a better tomorrow and even positive moments today.

Challenging Life Events
You can find help in your distress that may have been caused by the following:
  • Grief and loss of a loved one or a relationship
  • Loss of employment
  • Moving to a new location
  • Life transitions such as retirement
  • A separation or divorce
  • A difficult unique situation; personal, family, or work

While painful experiences happen, when we start to avoid, deny, or resist processing such events, our difficulty and emotional/mental suffering can increase.  This is because your brain is trying to consolidate the event with the feelings, sensations, and beliefs you have about that event.  Your therapist will work with you to help you return to a sense of normalcy and improved mental and emotional health.

Various interventions will be utilized, with sensitivity and flexibility, accounting for your unique situation.  Great care will be taken to provide you with a safe space to verbalize how you are feeling and thinking.  You will have the opportunity to acquire new skills to deal more effectively with your situation, reduce your internal stress, and find a way forward with a sense of meaning, purpose and hope.

Please view our therapist’s bios to see what challenging life-circumstances they may be able to help you with.