Nutrition 2020

Virtual Dietitian* 3-Session Program $275

Tailored just for you!


Session 1 PLAN

Leah gets to know you, starting with a review of your overall health, social, and medical history. Then creates a meal plan tailored to your needs.

Planning Resources include: Inventory template (pantry, fridge, freezer); weekly meal template (activities, choice, preparation steps).


Session 2 SHOP

Minimize your time in the grocery store, shop efficiently, learn to make on-the-spot substitutions.

Shopping Resources include: Grocery list template; substitution list.


Session 3 COOK

Simple, creative, and nutritious eating.

Cooking Resources include: Healthy eating guidelines (Food Guide); strategies to help manage mindless snacking; healthy cooking methods; quick and easy meal ideas; apps/websites

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*NOTE: Due to Covid-19 this program is offered via phone or secure video conferencing.